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Lewis Smith Lake

October  28-29 2023

Smith Lake Dam Boat Ramp    



      Shock and awe may best describe conditions

anglers encountered at Smith Lake at this year's finale' hosted by Golden Rod Bassmasters. The event coincidently occurred during the annual winter drawdown and was a determining factor for all participants. 

   As Angler of the year and top six aspirations dangled

Day one did nothing to quell those aspirations with

virtually no one separating themselves in the standings.


Gardendale pro Nick Smoke held the lead with 4.05 pounds 

to close out  the day.

     Day two was a touch better as anglers made 

 necessary adjustments. Some anglers down sized and

some anglers abandoned entire areas altogether. It was all 

all hands on deck for Championship Sunday.



      The race for AOY and Top Six honors would unfold as


weigh-in  opened for business. It didn't take long the


leaderboard to  reveal the day's results. Leading the way was


Jasper  Pro Vincent Medlock with a five fish limit weighing 


7.14 pounds including a  2.05 big fish. A two day total of  10.14


lbs. not only secured the win, Medlock earned his second


AOY in 3 years. The J-Town pro also entered the century club


with 101.02 total pounds for the season.


           Final results


2.Nick Smoke                              10.11

3.Richard Johnson                     9.04 

4.Eddie Hill  3rd                           6.00 

5.Anthony Mostella                   4.06

6.D. Witherspoon                       3.12

7.Jackie Price                              2.13

8. Ronald Douglas                     2.04               

9. Author Hall                              0.14                                                             

10. Roy Hurst                               0.12             

11 Matthew Hurst                      0.00        

12.   Alex Pruitt                            0.00  

13.Louis Summerville              0.00

14.Lee McClendon  Jr.              DNF

14.Lee McClendon Sr.               DNF    

14. Steven Turner                       DNF

14. Eldrick Laws                          DNF


Congrats to  Smith Lake Champion Vincent


 Thanks to Mr. Medlock's tourney crew (Matt, Spoon & Ron) and all who helped

..job well done.

                                                                 ---Wet 1 Soon

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