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Lake Jordan
Bonner's Landing
18-19 March 2023                     

Bonner's Landing 

   There are dates you circle on your calendar. Dates

with special significance like vacations, birthdays, and 


anniversaries. Fishing lake Jordan is one of those


dates anglers pay close attention. Jordan is small 

compared to other lakes on the Coosa river


chain yet it has a tenacity like no other because of its

consistent population of magnum spotted bass.

    Quantity and quality bass were on display with 96 

bass crossing the scales weighing over 178 pounds

during the two day event. Leading the charge was 

Birmingham Alabama pro Roy Hurst with 24.14 (10) 

securing his first win of the season. Pleasant Groove's

Matt Hurst landed a second place finish  with 

23.02(9), and Gardendale's Ron Douglas took third 

place honors with 19.06(9). Nick Smoke took home 

Big Fish credits (3.10).  




            Final results :

4.Vincent Medlock          19.00

5. Darryl Witherspoon     16.13

6.Steven Turner              16.08

7. Anthony Mostella         14.03

8.Richard Johnson          13.12

9.Eddie L. Hill                  12.02

10.Nick Smoke                  9.06

11.Jackie Price                  8.15

12.Arthur Hall                    0.00

   ~ Congrats to Lake Jordan Champion  Roy Hurst. Thanks to Mr. Medlock's tourney crew (Matt & Ron)and all who helped...job

well done..

~​Be sure to check us out on our next stop--Smith Lake 
                                        ---Wet 1 Soon

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