Lake Neely Henry

Canoe Creek Boat Ramp

 17 July 2021      


             The sport of bass fishing is an inherent learning curve. Many factors can determine good or bad outcomes. Good and bad outcomes can also be a matter of perception and/or perspective. Neely Henry proved to be neither perception or perspective. It proved to be unknown.  

             Yes there is history on this body of water. Yes there are anglers who have fished it hundreds of  times over the years and yes there are some factors that remain constant like "you can't go shallow enough" or "little current is better than no current". But this was different.

We've caught them in July. We've experienced no current and sweltering heat. This was totally uncharacteristic and as such there lies the anomaly. The bass just didn't bite-period!           

            The  field struggled to find on water answers with only two limits crossing scales. Leading the way was Birmingham Pro Darryl Witherspoon taking home first place with (5) 7.03. 

                                        Final results were:

2.Ron Douglas 6.04   

3.Roy Hurst 5.15  

4.Steven Turner- 5.12

5.Richard Johnson-5.08                  

6.Nick Smoke-4.07

7.Anthony Mostella -3.07                                                      

8.Eddie  Hill-3.01   

9.Dante' Goreed-2.00 

10.Lee McClendon Jr.-0.14

11.Cleo Williams-0

11.Lee McClendon Sr.-0

11.Vincent Medlock -0

11.Arthur Hall-0



Congrats to Lake Neely Henry Champion Darryl Witherspoon

Thanks to Mr. Goreed, Roy, MedlockCleo and all who helped- job well done...


Wet 1 Soon