Lake Wilson

Fleet Harbor

 17-18 October 2020      


     Although this season has been unlike any seen before, the will to persevere and compete remained a very present reality.The uncertainty surrounding whether there would be a season. Then schedule delays.  Then even more uncertainty... a statewide lockdown on non -essential personnel and activities. Will bass fishing tournament competition be permissible? The uncertainty became uncertainty for many anxiously awaiting any glimmer of optimism.

The news detailing fishing as an essential activity

re-energized the entire fishing community and propelled our season to an exciting conclusion. Perseverance and the will to compete had prevailed.

      With the AOY championship literally up for grabs, Lake Wilson challenged the field to earn every pound and ounce brought to the scales. Wilson also offered up very few opportunities to pattern and that window of opportunity changed daily forcing anglers to constantly readjust to conditions in real-time.

    Conditions at the launch on day one were a chilly 38F and brisk northwind to boot. Clear high skies followed adding to a slow grind it out bite. 

Day one leaderboard produced a tie- Jasper Alabama pro-Vincent Medlock and Gardendale pro-Ron Douglas with 6.08 pounds. 

    Day two would be for all the marbles. With uncertainty whether there would be a season and delays in scheduling all in the rearview mirror, now was the time to crown an AOY champion. The two best words in bass fishing are Championship Sunday.

      The morning blast off was not as chilly as Day One, but still on the crispy side of things. The stage was set for the top anglers to make a run at the championship based on the way Wilson had fished on Day one, but anything was possible especially given the level of skill these guys have displayed throughout the season. A big sack on the final day is not unusual for GoldenRod and in fact, is more likely than not. The final results were a mystery until the final tally at scale time.


                                                (Day1) +(Day2)     Total

1. Ron Douglas                          6.08      5.06       11.14

2. Vincent Medlock                  6.08      3.04         9.12

3. Chris Thomas(BF4.02)**      1.02      8.01         9.03

4. Steven Turner                       2.02      5.09        7.11

5. Eddie Hill                              2.08      3.02         5.10

6.Anthony Mostella                  5.02      0.00        5.02

7.Matthew Hurst                       1.00      2.05         3.05

8.Dante Goreed                         2.09*    1.04        3.13

9.Richard Johnson                     1.09     1.03         2.12

10.Darryl Witherspoon             1.02      0.00       1.02

11.Roy Hurst                               0.00    0.00        0.00

11.Roger Thomas                        0.00    0.00       0.00

  *BF day 1  **BF day 2                                                                                          

Thanks to Mr. Goreed and his committee (Matt Hurst Roy Hurst, Chris Thomas & Roger Thomas) and all who helped- job well done...Congrats to Lake Wilson champ and AOY Ron Douglas. Congrats to 

Vincent Medlock and Chris Thomas.


Wet 1 Soon