Lake Mitchell

Higgings Ferry

16 October 2021      

                 The ninth of ten stops on the Golden Rod Bassmaster Tour schedule brought anglers to Lake Mitchell 60 miles south of Birmingham, Al.  Many thought this derby would be a momentum builder for Angler of the Year contenders heading into next month's season finale on Logan Martin. It was anything but the springboard some hoped for. 


              Mitchell was a tough bite and many will attest. Game day brought what turned out to be a substantial cold front. Rain and gusty northwest winds made  a challenging bite that much more difficult.  Despite unfavorable conditions early, anglers fought through adversity and made the best of a difficult situation.

             Taking the bull by the horns was none other than

Gardendale pro Dante' Goreed . The Guntersville champion tossed his signature crankbait technique to capture his second Tour victory of the season.  Goreed's five fish limit (6.09) gave him the victory.


                          Final Results:


2.Roy Hurst 5.09

3.Matt Hurst 5.08                            

4.Vincent Medlock 4.03 

5.Ron Douglas  4.00

6.Richard Johnson 3.06

7.Eddie Hill   2.07

8. Steven Turner  2.06 

9.Anthony Mostella 1.13

10.Darryl Witherspoon 1.03

11. Arthur Hall 0.09        


Congrats to Lake Mitchell Champion Dante' Goreed 

Thanks to Mr. Goreed & team and all who helped...

job well done...


Wet 1 Soon