Lake Wilson

Safe Harbor

 20 June 2020      


      Nestled between Wheeler and Pickwick, Lake Wilson can at times fish just as big as the other  Tennessee impoundments to its east and west. Its abundance of deepwater structure, challenging tailraces, and shoreline cover make it just as compatible as its sister lakes of much greater size.

       In the midst of early summer, Wilson proved to be a bit slow on game day. Pre-derby practice notes revealed a slower than average bite however, the bite was indeed much tougher than anticipated.

       Slowing the pace along with reaction strikes helped most guys have success in landing a few quality keepers. Wilson didn't fish up to expectation and certainly not to the level it did just one year prior.

        The scales opened and leading the way was

Birmingham Pro Roy Hurst with a five-fish limit weighing 9.08 pounds.


2.Anthony Mostella-8.01; 

3.Richard Johnson-7.10(BF2.13)

4.Chris Thomas-7.08

5.Ron Douglas-6.14             AOY Standings After Wilson

6.Matt Hurst-6.03                  1.Douglas-    53.02 

7.Vincent Medlock-6.01        2.R. Hurst-   46.05

8.Steven Turner-4.06            3.C.Thomas- 45.06

9.Eddie Hill-4.03                    4.M.Hurst-   36.10

10.Cleo Williams-3.10            5.V.Medlock 36.07

11.Nick Smoke-3.3                  6.Johnson-   36.00

12.Roger Thomas-1.15            7.Goreed -     32.04

13.D. Witherspoon-1.11          8.Hill -           27.08

14.Dante Goreed-1.07             9.Smoke-      22.01

15.Wayne Brown-1.02           10.Spoon-       20.13

                                                   11.Lee Jr.-       18.13


                                                   13.S.Turner-   14.06

                                                   14.Lee Sr.-       14.02

                                                    15.Mostella-   12.02

                                                    16. W. Brown-11.10

                                                    17.C.Williams- 6.12

Pickwick Lake

McFarland Park

21 June 2020

          Bass fishing has a way of rendering logical thinking into babbling confusion. Take for instance bass are in transition periods. Some are spawning, post-spawn, and some are transitioning to early summer, right? Logical?

Nope. Only confusion. Guys were catching bass in the shallows, drops, ledges any place where it was not logical for them to be this time of year is exactly where they were.

            The bite on Pickwick wasn't exactly what you call on fire but decent early on. Bass were a bit lethargic

and it eventually picked up with a few bites after a brief shower. Soft plastics/creatures, swimbaits, and crankbaits were responsible for most of the keepers.

          As the afternoon progressed, the slow bite completely disappeared as gusting winds canceled any plans of a late push. White-capped rollers made for an adventurous ride to the launch site as time expired.

At the scales, Birmingham Pro Richard Johnson took 1st place with a 5 fish limit weighing 12.00. 



2.E. Hill-6.05 (BF-4.00); 3.V.Medlock-6.00; 4.R.Hurst-5.11; 5.R.Douglas-4.12; 6.M.Hurst-3.14; 7.A. Mostella-3.11; 8.C.Thimas-2.04; 9.N.Smoke-0; 9.C. Williams-0; 9.W.Brown-0; 9.D.Goreed-0; 9.D.Witherspoon-0; 9.S.Turner-0; 9.R.Thomas-0; 


Thanks to Mr. Goreed and his committee (Darryl Witherspoon, & Matt Hurst) and all who helped- job well done... 

Thanks and see you all at Black Warrior River

Wet 1 Soon