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Logan Martin 
6-7 May 2023                     

         Logan Martin this time of year is generally 

fantastic for numbers of bass caught .Getting bites "usually" is not an issue. Getting the right bites when  opportunities present themselves is key. 

Also key is fishing clean. A number of anglers 


reported losing key big bites that certainly would have


changed the conversation. Others reported not getting

the bites that have made Logan Martin the legendary

fishery its known as.

            In the  end, Birmingham pro Roy Hurst hoisted

the first place hardware leading all with 17.12 for his 

second Golden Rod Tour win of the season.


    Final results :

2.Richard Johnson           17.10 (BF 3.1Tourney)

3.Matthew Hurst               16.14

4.Vincent Medlock            14.10

5.Ron Douglas                  11.14

6.Darryl Witherspoon        11.02

7.Louis Summerville          10.06

8.Jackie Price                    10.04

9.Anthony Mostella            10.03

10.Eddie L. Hill                    9.02

11.Lee McClendon Jr.          8.01

12.Steven Turner                 7.11

13.Nick Smoke                    3.02

14.Eldrick Laws                   2.09

15.Lee McClendon Sr.         0.00

15. Arthur Hall                      0.00

   ~ Congrats to Logan Martin Champion  Roy Hurst. Thanks to Mr. Medlock's tourney crew (Matt & Ron Richard Spoon)and all who helped...job well done.. Shout out to our new

member Eldrick Laws

~​Be sure to check us out on our next stop--Lake Guntersville
                                        ---Wet 1 Soon

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