Lake Jordan

Bonner's Landing

 20 March 2021      

     If there was something like a bad taste left in the mouth of a few guys at last month's event on Guntersville, make no mistake about it... it got gone with the quickness on Lake Jordan. The guys were out for some redemption.

    No need for some fancy word plays or foot shuffling at this point. The bottom line as one pro  shared "the top six is not a given this year". 

This derby was a put your trolling motor down and fish. That's what these boys did.

Leading the charge was Jasper Alabama pro Vincent Medlock. The veteran angler notched a three pound victory over his nearest competitors. The day featured power movers and shakers like Guntersville champ Dante' Goreed, Guntersville runner-up Anthony Mostella , and arguably 2020 rookie of the year Steven Turner. 

The day however belonged to defending Lake Jordan Champ Medlock and his five fish limit weighing 12.06(3.05 BF) taking back to back wins at Jordan.


                                Final results were:

2.Chris Thomas -9.05*(5)        8. Eddie Hill- 7.01 (5)

3.Steven Turner -9.05  (5)        9.D. Spoon - 5.08(5) 

4.Dante' Goreed -9.01  (5)       10.Cleo Williams-3.07(3)

5.Anthony Mostella- 8.05 (5)   11.Lee Jr.  - 3.04(3)

6.Richard Johnson- 8.00(5)    12. Roger Thomas-3.00(2)

7.Matthew Hurst-7.04*(5)        13.J. Palmer-1.06(2)

7.Roy Hurst-7.04 (5)                  14.Lee Sr. -0

7.Ron Douglas-7.04 (5)             15.Wayne Brown-0

                                                    15.Arthur Hall-0

                                                    16.Nick Smoke-DNF

*BF  tie breaker       


  Congrats to Lake Jordan Champion Vincent Medlock

Thanks to Mr. Goreed and his committee (Roger Thomas, Matthew Hurst & Country) and all who helped- job well done...


Wet 1 Soon