Lake Chickamauga
Chester Frost State Park
15-16 October 2022                      
      Double digit leads aren't insurmountable and history has shown no lead is safe. Double digit leads naturally favor the leader no doubt. However, double digit leads have an innate ability to divert  energy whether positive or negative. The right energy... victory. The wrong energy.....


      Chickamauga held two well defined storylines


leading into Day One of the closeout Classic. Story one


was obviously a double digit lead held by Matthew Hurst

and his quest to put a lid on an explosive season. Story two was the battle for the top six with contenders Steven 

Turner, Vincent Medlock, and Eddie Hill would need double digit sacks to shift the conversation.

      Day One on Chickamauga did not disappoint. Matthew Hurst quickly sealed the AOY title with a 6.02 pound kicker bass and a 13.02 five fish limit to remove 

all doubt. Championship Sunday now was on Saturday.

Day two had unfinished business as well. The battle between 5th place Anthony Mostella and 6th place Darryl

Witherspoon would come down to the final weigh in. Just

eking out Mostella for 5th place, Witherspoon gets it done.


                                                                      Final results :

1.Matthew Hurst         13.02 (Tourney Big Fish 6.02 )

2.Roy Hurst                  8.06

3.Darryl Witherspoon   5.07

4.Steven Turner            3.10

5.Ron Douglas              3.00

6. Richard Johnson      1.14

7.Vincent Medlock        1.02

8.Anthony Mostella       0.00

8. Arthur Hall                 0.00

8. Eddie Hill                   0.00

          Congrats to Lake Chickamauga Champion  Matthew HurstThanks to Matthew & Roy Hurst,  Ron Douglas, Anthony Mostella and to all who helped make the days special...job well done...
Wet 1 Soon