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     Golden Rod Bassmasters was formed in Birmingham, Al. in 1976 by John  Martin and Robert Brown. These men sought to provide a Bass Fishing Club that would allow minorities the opportunity to bond and excel in the great sport of Bass Fishing. Mr. Martin and Mr. Brown shared their vision of a minority bass club with nine other gentlemen who enjoyed and respected bass fishing. The Pioneering Spirit and Vision of these 11 men made it possible for us to enjoy the luxury of having a Bass Club that we can call our own today.

    Golden Rod Bassmasters is the oldest Federated Club for men of color in the state of Alabama. In 1987, Golden Rod and east Atlanta Bass Anglers from Atlanta, Georgia sponsored a bass tournament at Lake Logan Martin. That Memorial Day weekend tournament drew 187 men of color from  Mississippi to Texas.

     Throughout Golden Rod's rich history, the members have never forgotten why this club had to be formed. Golden Rod has taken and is taking an active role in the creation and advisement of other clubs. We are very proud of our uniforms, our Bi Laws and our ability to compete. This is passed on to other clubs and to members who join Golden Rod.

   Today, that pioneering spirit and vision of those eleven have made it possible for this generation to enjoy the unique and rich legacy of Golden Rod Bassmasters. As products of this rich heritage, we embrace the responsibility to pass on our experiences of governance, commitment, skills, and abilities as anglers and men, to the continuance of this great sport for generations to come.  





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